21 March 2011

Queen Waters - is she the Key?

     I've written before about my Waters family brick wall. I know my Great-Great Grandfather was Leverett Waters, that he had a brother named Millard, a mother named Mary, and a father possibly named John or James. Recently, I uncovered a sister, Queen Elizabeth Waters.

     I found Queen by searching the FamilySearch database for Georgia Death records (which has more search options than the death certificates at the GA Virtual Vault). I filled in only the father's last name and mother's first name, and Queen's record was the second one. Unfortunately, her father is given as "J B Waters," which doesn't help me much. I have been able to find other records since then linking her to her brother, Leverett.

     I thought that this might be a rather unique name that would help me bust down the wall. Queen was born in 1885 in Georgia, probably in (present day) Cobb/Cherokee/Fulton area. In the 1900 census there is only one match, in Marietta, Cobb, GA:

     I think that this is probably the family I'm looking for, but I don't have any proof of it. Where are Leverett and Millard? I haven't been able to find them in 1900. And who is John T? Is that Queen's brother or a cousin? 

     I'll have to do more research on "Grandmother" Elizabeth Waters to see if I can find a John or James as her son.


Heather Wilkinson Rojo said...

I love that name! I've seen Prince, Duke, and even a Cinderella, but Queen Elizabeth reigns above them all.

Unknown said...

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