15 March 2011

DNA & Tangled Trees: The Craft and Cash Families of Elbert County, GA

     I recently contacted one of my Family Finder DNA matches to see if we could find our family connection. They responded that the Cash family line looked like the most likely match. I hadn't done much research on my 4x-Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Cash or her husband, George Alexander once I'd added them to my tree, but decided to take a look. Most online trees at ancestry.com agreed that Elizabeth's parents were Moses and Nancy (Hudson) Cash. Of course, none of these trees gave any sources for this information!

     Finally, I found a tree on Rootsweb that provided tons of sources, including wills, deeds, and tax records. I'll look to find originals of the records at the GA Archive during my next visit, but because of the numerous records, I am confidant that the tree is accurate and I believe that my DNA match is through the Cash family. (And it doesn't hurt that Moses Cash is an ancestor of Johnny Cash, so it's been very well researched)

     Also in the will extract provided for Moses Cash was a mention of another daughter, Sara, wife of William Craft. This sounded familiar - and it should: this couple was also in my family tree. I had a listing for Sarah F Cash, wife of William Jasper Craft. After more research, I'm confidant that Sara and Elizabeth are sisters, the daughters of Moses and Nancy Cash.

     This connection creates yet another instance of Pedigree Collapse in my tree. I now have two sets couples who are my 5x Great-Grandparents twice over. In order to see these connections, I like to sketch out the tree, which you can see below:


Unknown said...

Neat! That's cool that you found that much information.

JamaGenie said...

Tell me...do you park the giant-economy size Excedrin next to the computer when you're entering the co-mingled CASH and CRAFT relatives? Just wondering...that's what I do when updating my WEAVERs! They're the only line that makes the relationship calculator sputter and choke up. Also the only line where one spouse will be, say, my 1C3R and the other my 5C1R. Apparently ANY family gathering was considered a matchmaking opportunity, back when it wasn't illegal for first cousins to marry and reproduce.

Love the chart, btw. Takes a fine mind to keep such families straight!

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Sam and I could be cousins with you. We share the common ancestor of William Jasper Craft and Sarah Cash. Their daughter Jane Craft Hickman is my great great grandma. I'm still trying to see if this is true or not but William paternal grandfather Griffin Craft married an Alice Washington who is believed to be the sister of George Washington. I wish I could ask the author of this book how she got this information but I dont know how to contact her. Hope this helps with your tree


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