10 January 2011

Ida Leaphart Guardianship Papers - Amanuensis Monday

     My Great-Great Grandmother became an orphan in 1875, after the death of her father in the Civil War and her mother shortly after. The following comes from the estate papers filed for her father, regarding the guardianship of herself and her brothers.

The State of South Carolina  \
Lexington County.                 /

 By SP Wingard - Judge of Probate
      To W C Jumper

 Whereas, Frank E. Leaphart, Late of this county & state deceased, died having Wade, Pierce & Ida Leaphart, minors, entitled to his estate and also to a portion of their grand father David Craps' Estate & the said W. C. Jumper said minors, has applied to me, to appoint the said W. C. Jumper to be their Guardian. For the better securing the said estates for the benefit of the said minors and for their more careful maintenance and education, I do hereby commit the tuition, guardianship and education, of the said Wade, Pierce & Ida Leaphart, minors, to you, the said W. C. Jumper, Guardian, charging you to maintain them in meat, drink, washing, lodging, clothing, and such good education as may be fitting according to the circumstances of the interest of said Wade, Pierce & Ida Leaphart, minors, during their minority, take charge of their estates, do such things as a Guardian should and render a true and faithful account of the said estates and of your management thereof, when thereunto duly required. GIVEN under my Hand and Seal, this fifteenth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sevety five and in the one hundredth year of the Independence of the United States of America.
 Judge of Probate's

      Book: "A"
       Page: 583                                                          S. P. Wingard
 .                                                                                           judge


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Free Genealogy Guide said...

The legalese of the guardianship papers seems so impersonal that I'm led to wonder who W. C. Jumper is. Was he a relative, a friend, or a stranger to the children?


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