15 August 2012

Original Artwork

     My mom and my brother are both amazing artists. Mom worked for years as an artist for Bellsouth's Real Yellow Pages and my brother, Allen, works on a locally published comic book series, Galaxy Man.

     My brother recently posted some of his sketches on Facebook. I responded by scanning what we consider his first "real drawing" and posting that. It's interesting to see how far he's come, as well as the story behind it. First, his art:

    In response to the crayon drawing I posted, mom shared the story behind it:
"Hey! This is your first ever serious drawing of Superman! Before that you had me drawing him for you. Remember how I told you needed to draw him yourself and that the more you practiced the better you would get.You came back a little later with this drawing. It is fantastic! I was so proud of you. I still am!"
     Art is such a part of my brother's life. It makes me wonder: what if mom hadn't told him to do his own drawing of Superman?  And what if I hadn't posted the drawing on Facebook? I wouldn't know the story behind the art.

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