25 August 2012

What My AncestryDNA Match Pages Should Look Like

          AncestryDNA is still in beta and is already a pretty good site, but it's not yet up to par with Family Tree DNA or 23andMe.  It's actually missing some key features that allow users to better search, browse and compare their DNA results.  I took some screenshots of my AncestryDNA matches and reconfigured them to be what I hope we will soon see when we log in to look at our results. (note that I pasted my name on one of my matches, so this data doesn't reflect an actual match or myself)

     If I was designing the autosomal DNA match page at Ancestry.com, this is what my match results page would look like:

  • I've added a centiMorgan value on the left, which is a big indicator of how closely related I am to my match. It's provides much more information than the "confidence" level, which often says something vague like "moderate" or "very low."
  • I've added three icons on the right. Ancestry already has an icon indicating that the match does or does not have a family tree attached to their account.  I have added icons indicating that there is a "shared ancestor hint," "shared surnames" and "shared locations" (which I guess should be green...).
  • Not show here, but at the top of the match page I would add a function that would allow me to search by my match's name and by the surnames in their family tree. 
     I would also add a few things on each match page:
  • I added the centiMorgan data to the top of the page under the relationship estimate.
  • At the top of the page, near the "send message" button, I added a "notes" button. Not sure if this is the best place for this, but it didn't seem to necessarily need it's own tab either.
  • I added a tab called "DNA Details" This page would contain more information on the amount of DNA shared between matches and a chromosome viewer.
  • I added a tab called "In common," which will give information about other matches which I have in common with this match. It would be nice to see DNA segments on this page as well
     And of course, I would add a link to download raw data for my DNA

     What would you add or change?

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