02 July 2011

SNGF: My Genealogical Bucket List

     Over at Genea-Musings, Randy posted his Genealogical Bucket List and challenged everyone else to do the same.  There are so many things I want/need to do for my research, but I'll try to narrow it down in order of importance for my current research strategies.

  1. Visit the South Carolina State Archive. This archive is only a few hundred miles away in next-door South Carolina, but I haven't been able to get in a visit.  And when I finally do get there, I'll need a few weeks! More than half of my Great-Great Grandparents are from South Carolina and I've about exhausted current online records. 
  2. Find and DNA test multiple Albea family cousins. I've started an Albea / Alby Surname DNA group, but so far only have one sample: my uncle. I'd like to find a few cousins who can trance their ancestry back to different Albea generations. This was a difficult line to trace and if I can test cousins back through the generations, I'll be able to confirm my research - and maybe find out where in Europe the Albea family comes from.
  3. Visit the Family History Library. I don't think I need to explain this one - I just need the money to do it. I've considered buying into one of the research trips organized by genealogy companies or societies to save money.
  4. Attend all of the national genealogical conferences. I don't want, or necessarily need, to do this all in one year. However, I do want to attend conferences such as NGS, FGS, RootsTech, etc. 
  5. Work in/Volunteer in a library or archive. I'd love to be able to help others with their research.
  6. Pass my passion along to a family member. I hope that when I'm gone my research will find a home with someone else - and not end up in the trash.

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Tonia said...

Good list, Valerie! We have several items in common.


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