27 July 2011

Grandaddy Mack in Pictures

     The other week a new cousin found me online at wikitree and has been sending information to me about the Hyler / Huyler family. She sent me photos of the family Bible and confirmed that her side of the family remembered my Great-Grandfather, Vary "Mack" Huyler. A few days ago she emailed me a photo of Mack's mom, Ida. Today she snail-mailed me photos of Mack himself.

     These photos are very exciting! Mack didn't tell his daughter (my grandmother) about his family and we only know what we've found from research. Before, the only photos of him is from the late 1950s or later. Now I have two photos of him as a young man!

     I'm going to post one of the photos here to see if anyone can help me with it. Mack appears to be wearing some sort of ill-fitting military uniform. I'm estimating the photo is from the early/mid 1920s, so it's post WWI and pre CCC and WWII. Does anyone have any idea what this uniform is about? Perhaps a peace-time army uniform? National Guard? (BTW, he was from South Carolina)

Dora, Vary & Bea


Unknown said...

Reminds me of a park ranger.

Victoria Jane said...

Forest Service was my first thought. Google "old forest service" then images.

Anonymous said...

Look at the beautiful hand crocheted collar on the lady's dress !

I agree with the " ranger /forest " uniform .


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