03 July 2011

The Hyler Family Bible

     I was recently contacted by a new cousin by marriage, who found my Hyler / Leaphart family on WikiTree.com. Her husband's Grandmother was the sister of my Great-Grandfather Vary "Mack" Huyler, who were the children of John Hyler and Ida Leaphart.

     She first contacted me for access to my wikitree pages and offered up a marriage date for John and Ida. I'm afraid to say I almost didn't reply. I don't know why - this is a family that's been difficult to research. But thank goodness I did contact her! I asked if her family ever heard anything about my Great-Grandfather, who always claimed to have left home at 16 and never looked back. Sure enough, she had. Actually, she had his record in the Hyler family Bible. Would I like to see it? Why yes, yes I would.

     She reported that the Bible was delicate, so she wasn't able to scan it, but she was able to photograph it for me. She sent me two pages: the marriage record for John and Ida, and a list of their children. She's also going to send a photo of the cover of the Bible and the title page.

     Based on the consistency of the writing, I'm guessing that the information wasn't recorded as the events occurred, but rather all at once some time later. Regardless, it was likely written by Ida, who would be the best person to get the information correct.

     And my Great-Grandfather? He's second from last on the list of children and appears as "Vary Velt America Hyler" opposed to the "Vary Americus Huyler" he presented himself as later in life.

Hyler family bible 001

Hyler family bible 002


Missy/Bayside Research said...

I love the names! I haven't set up a WikiTree account yet, but I should soon.

Ruby Craft said...

I love this beautiful handwritten page. It reflects the loving care that Ida took to record her marriage in her family home and each of her children's births. I may always wonder what happened to cause my Grandfather to leave home not only in his youth but also again after my Mother was born. But this gives me a connection to my Great Grandmother. Thanks to Valerie and her newly found cousin.

Tonia said...

Congratulations! This is such a great find. I haven't tried out WikiTree yet, either. Glad you had such good luck with it.


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