04 July 2011

N W Hyler Injured at Sharpsburg - Amanuensis Monday

     This was part of an article published 1 Oct 1862 in the Charleston Courier, Charleston, SC, as part of a series on the Battle of Sharpsburg. Included in this list of casualties is my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, Nathan Washington Hyler of Lexington County, South Carolina.

     Killed and wounded of the 15th Regiment, South Carolina Volunteers, at the battle of Sharpsburg, September 17, 1862:
     Killed - Lieut. Smith, Co. B; G. O. Hartman, Co I; Thomas Co. G; T. Hill, Co. K; A. T. Maccammon, Co A.
     Wounded - W H. Bailey, neck; Sergeant Freeman, shoulder; J. S. Bailey, thumb; D. T. Kaufman, arm; Wm. Nance, Co. H, arm; J. F. Huhn, Co I, neck; J. Bloom, arm amputated; W. W. Bull, Co. K, hand; S. W. Levin, Co. A, serious; J. T. Morehead, Co. F, back; W. Crumpton, leg; John Ervin, Co. C, shoulder; Lieut. Charles Fisher, Co. D, knee, serious, amputation; Wm. Claxton, shoulder; R. S. Parrot, thigh; Samuel Hornsby, Co. D, arm and leg, serious; Wm. Gerau, Co. K, arm, excision shoulder joint; N. W. Hyler, Co. C, leg; J. S. Rich, Co. K, leg; Wm Price, Co. K; R. F. Deane, Co. K, leg; Lee Bagley, Co. E, thigh; T. J. Young, Co. B, shoulder; Jesse Crawford, amputation, leg; J. H. Fulman, Co. I, hand; Levi Wheeler, Co. I, leg; S. G. Linley, Co. I, arm; Wm. Dillard, Co. B, arm; P. H. Craps, Co. C, shoulder; C. L. D. Reardon, amputation arm; Wm. Kennedy, Co. B, back; D. J. Fulmer, Co. I, arm, serious; A. Medlock, Co. K, foot."

NW Hyler Civil War injury

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Susan (Nolichucky Roots) said...

This one hit me today. War doesn't change much.


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