07 October 2010

You're a 2nd cousin... no, it's 1st but removed.... no, ....

     Today, Ancestry.com announced a simple, but useful, addition to their Public Member Trees: a relationship calculator. Most genealogy software programs offer this, and now so does ancestry's online program. It's pretty simple to use. On each page, there is a link that reads "View relationship to me." Click the link and a box pops up, detailing the people and relationships that connect the you and the other person. The relationship information will also appear under the relative's name on the profile page.  (This is assuming that you've identified yourself in your tree already. If you haven't you can do so under the "Tree Settings" screen.)

     I think this is a great new feature, but it could be improved in two ways: 1) make this an automatic feature that can be turned on or off. As it is now, you have to click this button on every page to turn it on, and then hit another button to turn it off (though I don't know why you'd want to). This can only be done one page at a time - which just seems to be time consuming and redundant.  2) Allow for relationship calculation between two people of my choice, not automatically between myself and another person.

    Here's a screenshot of the new feature:

1 comment:

Sarah Farr said...

Sounds like this may be a first step towards a relationship calculator between any individual.

From what you've told me, Ancestry.com subscribers can be pretty critical, especially if a new feature doesn't work right. So, hopefully this is one good step towards a really great feature.


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