25 October 2010

Thomas Craft in the CCC - Amanuensis Monday

     My Grandfather was in the Civilian Conservation Corps as a young man. We're lucky to know this because no one ever mentioned it or spoke of it. However, there's a photo of him dressed as a chef with at note about the CCC and North Carolina written on the back. With this information, I was able to send off for his records (see the photo and the from here). If you have an ancestor who participated in this program I recomed you send off for their records ASAP - they are full of info. Here's a transcription of the first two pages.

Certification in lieu of lost or destroyed
Certificate of Discharge
Civilian Conservation Corps
To all whom it may concern:
Know ye that Thomas S. Craft serial no. CC4-236405 a member of company 1499, Civilian Conservation Corps, at Albemarle, South Carolina [North Carolina] who was enrolled on the Twenty-Sixth day of October One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-Seven at Athens, Georgia was Honorably discharged therefrom on the Tenth  day of September One Thousand Nine Hundred and Thirty-Nine by reason of Expiration of Term of Enrollment.

Given under my hand at St. Louis, Missouri this Twenty-Third day of October Two Thousand Eight

William D. Bassman [signature]
William D. Bassman
Chief, Reference Service branch

National Archives and Records Administration
National Personnel Records Center (CPR), St Louis, Missouri

Individual Record
Civilian Conservation Corps
I. General Information
Serial No. CC4-236405
Junior White Georgia
(Class) (State)
1. Name: Craft, Thomas Spurgeon
2. Address: Rt. 3, Elberton, Georgia
3. Date of birth: December 26, 1919
4. Birthplace: Elbert Co. Georgia
5. Nearest relative: Bennie Craft, Rt. 3, Elberton, Georgia
6. Citizenship: (Native born); naturalized
7. Color: White
8. Military or naval service: [blank]
9. Height: 70 Weight: 125 Complexion: [illegible] Color of hair: Red
     color of eyes: Blue Scars or identifying marks: [illegible]
10. Education (circle highest grade completed: Grammar school 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8; high school, 1 (2) 3 4
11. Occupational qualifications: Occupation: Farm Length of Experience: 8 Years
12. Were you previously a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps? No

II. Oath of Enrollment
I, Bennie [Thomas] Craft, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that the information given above as to my status is correct. I agree to remain in the Civilian Conservation Corps for the period terminating at the discretion of the United States between Oct 2? 1937 Apr 25 19?? unless [?] released by proper authority, and that I will obey those in authority and observe all the rules and regulations thereof to the best of my ability and will accept such allowances as may be provided pursuant to law and regulations promulgated pursuant therefore. I understand and agree that any injury received or disease contracted by me while a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps cannot be made the basis of any claim against the Government, except such as I may be entitled to under the act of September 7 1916 (39 Stat. 742 [illegible] provide compensation for employees of the United States suffering injuries while in the performance of their duties and for other purposes), and that I shall not be entitled to any allowance upon release from camp, except transportation in kind to the place at which I was accepted for enrollment. I understand further that any articles issued to me by the United States Government for use while a member of the Civilian Conservation Corps are, and remain, property of the United States Government and that willful destruction, loss, sale or disposal of such property renders me financially responsible for the cost thereof and liable to trial in the civil courts. I understand further that any infraction of the rules or regulations of the Civilian Conservation Corps renders me liable to expulsion therefrom. So help me God.

Place: Athens, Georgia
Signature: [too faint to see]
[Illegible] 26th day of October, nineteen hundred and thirty seven
Charles A. Hope,
1st L.T. Cavalry-Reserve
Enrolling Officer

Thomas Craft - CCC Camp Thomas Craft - CCC Camp


Anonymous said...

Hi - I just came across your blog tonight. I was really excited when I saw that your grandfather was in the C.C.C. My father was in the C.C.C. also and was also a chef (cook). I figured they might have known each other, but then I realized your GF was in N.C. and my Daddy was in the Montezuma/Oglethorpe, GA. area. I might not have read closely enough, but I didn't see an e-mail or snail mail address to request C.C.C. records. Could you please point me in that direction?
Thanks for any help,
:o) Marian in Atlanta

Valerie C. said...

Marian, you can find information on requesting CCC records here: http://www.ccclegacy.org/research.htm . I highly recomend sending off for these records, they really are full of lots of information.


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