13 October 2010

1,500 Memorials Added

     Today I added my 1,500th memorial to FindAGrave.com. I don't really remember when I joined this amazing website, but apparently it was 5 years, 9 months and 5 days ago.  

     In that time I've been highly active at some times and inactive at others. I've walked and recorded two entire cemeteries that I have ancestors buried in (Bethel and Bethany). Less ambitiously, I've added random graves from larger cemeteries that I visit during my research. 

     Whether they've added just one grave or over a hundred thousand like the top rated folks, everyone who adds burial listings to this site is amazing. I'm sure everyone reading this post has used FindAGrave and has been helped by it. If there is anyone reading this who hasn't added their ancestors or burials from their nearby cemetery to this site, I recommend that you do so right now. Who knows who you might end up helping?

1 comment:

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Congrats on the milestone and thank you for your volunteer efforts. I love that site and am so grateful for those who keep it running.


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