25 October 2010

My Family on My Kindle

     There are a number of different things my Kindle (ebook reader) is good for besides just reading books. Among those, just about all are useful for genealogists.

     The simplest, and most obvious, feature is the Kindle's ability to read PDF documents. Just about every genealogy software program should be able to create charts and reports that can be saved as PDF documents. These documents can be loaded onto the Kindle via email or a USB cable. Once on the Kindle, I can view these just like I would a book, flipping through the different pages. Also, because these documents are PDFs, I can zoom in for a closer look.  This is a great feature that will allow you to cary around your family tree without carrying around stacks of papers or a computer.

     Here are a few shots of my cascading pedigree chart on my Kindle.


     Here are a few other ways to use your kindle for genealogy:
  • Collect sets of photos and save them into a PDF document
  • Use a hack to set family photos as screen savers
  • Save podcasts and other audio files, which can be played using the mp3 player
  • Browse websites, blogs and email using the web browser
  • Publish your own family history book and publish it on Amazon or send it as PDF for free to family and friends to read on their Kindles
  • And of course, read Genealogy books you buy from Amazon or other ebook retailers
     These are just the different things that I can think of right now. Anyone else have any suggestions?


Elizabeth O'Neal said...

I've already told my husband that if Santa doesn't bring me a Kindle for Christmas, I'm going to go buy one for myself. Hubs isn't happy about that.

Oh, and many of the free books on Google Books are available for download in PDF or EPUB format. Many libraries offer free e-books for borrowing, too. I've got a file full of 'em just waiting to go on my new Kindle!

Valerie C. said...

Hey, he's getting off easy. If you'd gotten him to buy it two years when I got mine, it would be costing him double.

Carol said...

OOOOO, love that idea of PDF charts etc from my genie data base! OHHHH, man, now, I really want one! Great idea~

Mavis said...

Oooo, I love this idea. Something else to add to my wishlist.

Judy Webster said...

One of my colleagues has a Kobo. She says she loves it, and it is very slim, lightweight and affordable. One review is on http://tinyurl.com/27mo5jj.

Eileen said...

I have owned a Kindle for three years. I recently purchased the latest version, which has greatly improved its PDF viewing. I had purchased ESM's Evidence in PDF and I loaded it to my Kindle so I have it to take with me on my genealogy trips. I wish some of the other ten pound reference books came in Kindle or PDF format, too. I hadn't tried reading blogs on its web browser yet. Good idea. PS the battery in the new version lasts a lot longer.


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