15 June 2009

In the Kitchen - Chicken Fried Steak (Cube Steak)

In our house, my Dad was the cook. One of my favorite dinners was always Chicken Fried Steak. We called it Cube Steak, after the type of meat used. My sister, Sarah, never like Cube Steak though, so Dad made her a hamburger. You would not be wrong to call us spoiled where Daddy's cooking was concerned. Anyway, here's his recipe:

Cube Steak (Chicken Fried Steak)Ingredients:
Cube Steak
1 Egg
2 1/2 cups milk
1 Pound Flour
Salt & Pepper
Paper towls

In a large bowl, beat the egg and add the milk. Mix this together. Pour flour into a zip-lock bag and add salt & pepper. Dunk cube steak in eggs/milk and then put it into the flour bag. Shake! You are now very messy, 'cause you've done all of this with your hands. Clean up with paper towels. Heat a pan and add 1/2 inch deep oil. Test heat with water and check for sizzle. Place steak in pan. Cook 5 minutes, flip. Repeat twice and cover. Flip again, cook 5 minutes, uncovered. (20 or so minutes total). Eat and enjoy. Add biscuit gravy if desired.


the phil said...

I don't like cube steak myself. But chicken fry it . . . and I'll eat it.

Then again I'll only eat okra if it's fried.

Think I just like fried things . . .

Ruby Craft said...

Your Dad always does like to cook things you like in addition to whatever he is cooking. I love it when he always says "We're having lima beans but I cooked english peas for the girls". Of course just because he says he cooked the english peas for you, it doesn't stop me from eating both.

zingtrial said...

You have a nice blog.but you know what now I'm drooling over the keyboard.boy I am hungry, will have to come back for more after I have some grub. :) .Wishing you well

Greta Koehl said...

Chicken-fried steak ... I am transported back to Texas. Fried okra is good, too.


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