23 June 2009


I've decided to make biographical "This Is Your Live" scrapbooks for each of my parents. In order to do this I'm asking lots of questions about their childhood and early lives (which is just one more excuse - I'd do this anyway). One random tidbit I learned today about my dad:

squirrel in the vinesWhen he was 15 years old he bought his own rifle: a Marlin .22 (probably a Model 60). He used this gun to hunt squirrels in the undeveloped land around his home. He gave to squirrels to the neighbors to eat, having tried them once and not liking them. He calls them rodents with furry tails.

Today, I shoot squirrels with my Nikon D40x

1 comment:

Ruby Craft said...

Great Picture. Much better way to shoot a squirrel in my opinion, but then I wasn't a boy in the early 70's with a hunting rifle. It was very popular at the time. Your Uncle Roy use to go hunting. I don't remember him bringing anything home.


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