18 June 2009

New Features at the big sites

Footnote.com has added a new search feature: search by state. With a link on the main page, now it's easier to search for records geographically. Just click on state you'd like to search on the USA map and you will see a list of all "collections" for that state. When you click on an individual collection you are taken to a search form, that already includes the state in it's search parameters. Very nice.

Ancestry.com also announced new, upcoming features, called "member connect". There are a number of functions that will be introduced. I think these new features look awesome! Ancestry is adding some features that are like the ones footnote.com has (which are some of my favorite things about footnote). I'm most excited about the new document viewer and that you will be able to see which other researchers are viewing the document. I'm always happy to be able to find other researchers I can connect with. It would be amazing if this feature has already been actively tracking views - otherwise researchers should probably go back and re-visit key documents in their research so that they are affiliated with the document.

I'm always glad to see that these big sites are continuing to add new features and function that better their sites.

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