04 February 2009

building brick walls higher

It seems like I have a brick wall that is determined to grow higher.  I'm rather frustrated with my Great Great Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth UNKNOWN (1855 - 1928, GA).

I've posted about this particular brick wall before.  I'm trying to find the parents of Leveret Waters.  I know that his mother was named Mary and that she was married twice.  Once to John/James/? Waters and then to John B. Whitlock.  I've found her grave and three documents (1, 2, 3) that list her name.  The problem? Each document gives a different maiden name.  

I received the third document today - her death certificate - and hoped that I'd be able to name Mary.  Instead I was given yet another maiden name for her.  She's either Mary Harding, Mary Pilgrim or Mary Bascum.

Mary's death certificate lists her as born in Georgia, her father as John Bascum from Ireland and her mother as Elizabeth Pilgrim from North Carolina.  Though her maiden name is listed different from the the previous two documents, it does show promise.  Her mother's maiden name is given as Pilgrim, which matches the name that Mary's son gave as Mary's on his SS-5.  Also, this death certificate gives her father's name as Bascum.  Mary and her second husband are buried in Bascomb Methodist Church yard in Cherokee County, GA.  Coincidence? Maybe, but it's something to check out.

So, I have yet another name to investigate, but at least it ties in to some of the other names that Mary has been given.  This is a very frustrating brick wall and I want a sledge hammer.


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Greta Koehl said...

This is a real puzzler. At least you have some candidates for her maiden name; that's better than nothing. Perhaps you can post inquiries (if you have not already) on the genealogy discussion boards for these three names.


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