26 January 2015

Busy with the DAR

     It has been exactly 6 months since my last blog post, and my mom has challenged me to get back to it.  I have been busy with genealogy, but it's mostly been through the DAR.  I signed my DAR application almost a year ago and became a member last May.  Since then, I became the Lineage
Research Chairman and Historic Preservation Chairman of my chapter, organized projects and trips with both committees, have been working on my mom's application, took the DAR's Genealogy Education Program I and II classes, done indexing for their online BookSync Project, requested records from their library through their Photocopy service, helped do research online for others through the Lineage Research Lookup Board and Facebook pages, worked on supplemental applications using the Ancestor database... and that's just the genealogy side of things I can think of right now.

     The point of all of this though, is that by joining the DAR I have been introduced to a treasure-trove of new genealogical resources.  They have a number of databases, such as the Ancestor and Descendents databases, which are comprised of the applications of members.  Anyone can purchase copies of these applications (aka "record copy") or place a Document Request for the supporting documents that proved the lineage.  The DAR also has a huge library, comprised of both published works, as well as genealogy records compiled by local Chapters.  Anyone can search the Genealogy Records Committee Index for the names of their ancestors, and then place an order through the Photocopy Service for a copy of the record.  There's also the DAR Analytical Card Index, which I honestly haven't even gotten to yet!

     I'm going to try and work on keeping up the blog again and get back into the online genealogical community.  But it's definitely going to have a slight focus on DAR resources to a certain extent.  If anyone has questions about the DAR or their resources, please feel free to ask.


Ruby Craft said...

Enjoyed reading your new post. Welcome back!

Amanda said...

I would be really interested to learn more about DAR resources in your blog!


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