03 February 2014

Off Topic: Sketchuary

     I saw that my DNA Cousins/Facebook Friends, Stephanie and Virginia, were participating in Sketchuary.  The goal is to make a sketch or drawing every day in February.  I can hardly finish any of the projects and challenges I'm currently working on, so I figured: why not?  I got started on the 2nd, but the final week is "doubles week," which allows you to make up lost days.

     I decided to make use of a journal that I had purchased but not started yet, and combine sketches and journaling.  I figured this will help me get back journaling and help provide ideas for sketches.  I've also decided to fill in my sketches with watercolor, which I think really allows me to create what I imagine when I first set pencil to paper.

     I don't really see myself as an artist, so much as artistic.
  I like to create, though I don't feel like I am particularly skilled.  I don't have much experience with drawing, though I've done some in the past (half an art class in college) and was pretty happy with the results.  But by definition, sketches aren't intended to be finished masterpieces; I feel like the expectations are lower.  I can't mess this up!

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