14 December 2013

Surname Saturday: B

   The following surnames belong to my direct line ancestors.  If you see a name that we have in common, please contact me.

  • Barfield
    • Sarah Barfield was my 3rd Great Grandmother, born in 1851 in Glascock County, Georgia.  There's no record of her before the birth of her children, and some researchers speculate the she was never married and that Barfield was her maiden name.  I think it's likely that it was her married name, though perhaps she did have children from other relationships after this theoretical husband died.
  • Beasley
    • Theodosia Beasley was my 7th Great Grandmother, born about 1744 in Orange County, Virginia.  She married John McMullen.
  • Boatright
    • John Boatright was my 7th Great Grandfather, born about 1680 in Virginia.  This line migrated down to Emanuel County, Georgia. 
  • Boyd
    • Mary Boyd migrated from Northern Ireland to South Carolina in 1767 with her husband, Samuel Armstrong.  The family slowly moved across the state and settled in Abbeville County.
  • Braswell
    • Kindred Braswell was born about 1740 in South Carolina and eventually lived in Burke and Emanuel Counties in Georgia. 
  • Britt
    • William Britt was born about 1825 in Edgefield County, South Carolina.  He married three times, moving his family down through Georgia and settling in Emanuel County.
  • Burkhalter
    • William Burkhalter was born about 1746 in Chatham County, Georgia.  He moved with his family to Edgefield County, South Carolina.
  • Busbee
    • Rebecca Busbee was the second wife of Armistead Parish.  She was born about 1824 and lived with her family in Edgefield County, South Carolina.

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