28 April 2013

A New Respect

     Maybe your grandmother was known for her quilting or your grandfather for his fishing.  Or vice versa.  And then one day, you decide to try your hand to your ancestor's hobby.  Then, at the end of the day, you end up with a brand new respect for what they could accomplish.

     That was my experience yesterday, when I tried my hand at baking and decorating a cake for my sister's baby shower.  It took four hours!  Before I got started, I hadn't really understood what I'd gotten myself into.  Normally when I bake a cake I get some cake mix and a tub of icing and I'm done.  This was a lot more complicated.

     The cake was easy, but the icing was made from a mix, with dye added to create the different colors.  Then it was put into a piping bag, each one with a plastic spacer which would hold the metal tips.  After getting all the icing prepped (including a trip to the store for my icing an dye colors), I was ready to be done.  When I finally started icing the cake, I had to work on my technique and it was never perfect.  After a while of constantly squeezing the piping bag, I found it hard to open my hand!

     Eventually, after four hours of work, the cake was done and I had a new respect for the cakes my Grandmama used to make for us when we were kids.  And she would do two or even three in a day!


Ruby Craft said...

Your cake is beautiful! Your Grandmama loved making your cakes for your birthday. Many times you would all gather around the kitchen table watching her work, commenting and asking questions. You would get so excited and finally she would have to run you all outside to play so she could concentrate on the cakes. She would be so proud to see you making your own cake now!

Kristin said...

That is one fancy cake! I can't imagine doing that.


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