01 January 2013

2012 In Review

     In 2012 this blog had 14,661 visits and 24,757 page views.  The most popular posts of the year were:

  1. ConnectMyDNA Test Results - 4,845 views
  2. What is ConnectMyDNA? - 1,477 views
  3. Using WikiTree: How and Why - 975 views
  4. The ConnectMyDNA Kit - 502 views
  5. Dr McDonald's DNA Analysis - 480 views
  6. FindAGrave.com: What It Is, What It Isn't and How to Use It - 471 views
  7. DNA Comparisons - Why I'm Testing My Uncles - 407 views
  8. First Thoughts on My AncestryDNA Results - 362 views
  9. Ancestry.com's New DNA Test - 279 views
  10. How I'm Looking for Grandmama in the 1940 Census - 234 views

     Of those visits, 62% arrived via search engines.  The top searches were:

  1. ConnectMyDNA
  2. FindAGrave.com
  3. ConnectMyDNA review
  4. ConnectMyDNA.com
  5. Connect My DNA
  6. Ancestry.com New DNA Test
  7. Connect My DNA Review
  8. DNA Self Discover Kit
  9. www.ConnectMyDNA.com
  10. Dr McDonald DNA
     You can probably see a theme with the top pages and searches: ConnectMyDNA.  Every few months there would be a Groupon or Living Social deal for this product and people searching online would end up on my (negative) review. Honestly, it got a little annoying. I ended up closing comments on some posts due to their popularity.  I wish that my popular posts had been more about positive things from the year. 

     Some of my favorite aspects this year were the release of the 1940 Census, even if it didn't go as smoothly as many of us would have hoped, finding Albea and Huyler DNA cousins, protesting and (for now) winning the fight against the closure of the Georgia Archive, the Georgia Family History Expo, and my genealogy road trip to North Carolina.

     Thanks for reading and I hope you stick around for another year!

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