20 November 2012

Baker Times Three

     For the past week, I have been acting on some of the ideas I learned at the recent Georgia Family History Expo.  I found that one idea built upon another and gave me a better understanding of one of my family lines. 

     While writing up a short pamphlet about my Albea family for the next get together, I realized that I was missing a few details.  I did some more research on the family, but wasn't sure if I had the correct census records (does everyone really have to go by initials?) I decided to create a mind-map of the family to better see the naming patterns. Starting this mind map, I found yet more holes in my tree and did some additional research to fill it in.

     When I finally finished my mind-map, I saw some very distinct naming patterns. You can click below to see a larger image. I had so many different colors that I used a basic white bubble, with light gray letters for non-duplicate names.  I have children recorded for six of Thomas and Rachel Albea's kids. Of those six, four named their sons Thomas. Can you imagine having three (at minimum) cousins who shared your name? And I saw three men named Baker. I thought it an unusual name, that really tied the Johnson family into the Albea family.

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