03 August 2012

A Complete 1940 Census?

     I woke up today to an email from Ancestry.com, telling me that they had finished indexing the 1940 Census. Yay! North and South Carolina are online and I can now complete my ancestor search.  I was still looking for:

  • Nina Albea - Greenwood County, SC - born 1878, SC
  • Vary "Mack" Huyler - Guildford County, NC (maybe) - born 1903, SC
  • John and Ida Huyler/Hyler - Lexington or Richland Coounty, SC - born 1861 and 1863, SC

     But after hours of searching, I'm still in the same position I was in this morning: census-less. I've seen a lot of silly errors in Ancestry.com's 1940 Census records and I'm hoping that that's my problem. Hopefully when FamilySearch releases these states I'll be able to find my ancestors. 


Susie said...

I've been very disappointed in their transcription errors. I haven't found one set of family members that didn't have at least one error in the set of family members and some of the errors are very obvious.

Gomunk said...

I'm so glad you posted out that there are a lot of transcription errors. I found my grandmother and her family by a search for her dad (WV), and saw that there was a way to tag the errors and offer the correct information.
I'm going to keep this in mind when looking at some other census reports.


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