08 June 2012

My 1940 Census Indexing Progress

     The 1940 Census is 57.84% finished, thanks to volunteers using the Family Search Indexing software. There are 18 searchable states and a number of other states at 100% that are going through the final steps. Wouldn't you know, pretty much all of these are states are ones that I'm not interested in. Sigh....

     So that means that I'm still going at it. Georgia is at 36% and currently working its way through Atlanta. South Carolina is running a little further behind at 23%.  Although I don't index every day, I do try to do some a few days a week.

     It's fun to see what I've accomplished: 2,840 names indexed and 4,480 names arbitrated. Arbitrating can be a lot faster, though sometimes it can be more difficult. I tend to do a few batches of arbitration and then do an indexing batch.

     Yesterday, I got an email from FamilySearch Indexing, letting me know that there were new achievement badges available.  I have indexed and arbitrated 1940 Census records from 15 states! I know that there are some folks out there who made a point to index a batch from every state, which is pretty impressive. I'm happy to see my Delaware badge, which shows that I was in it from the start. Here are all of my badges:


Ruby Craft said...

You are very dedicated to this project and keeping us up to date on the progress. I think the badges are a great idea. Congratulations on earning yours!

Buffy said...

Thank you for helping to index the 1940 census. I'm trying to find my husbands mother and grandparents and even with an address I'm having a hard time finding them. They had to live on Peachtree St didn't they! LOL this is such a daunting task, and we appreciate those that are trying to help get everything indexed.


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