03 May 2012

Ancestry.com's New DNA Test Is Here!

     Yesterday I got an email telling me that Ancestry.com was "very close to launching" their new autosomal DNA test. Turns out this is more true than I could imagine - the test is officially available today. The only catch is that you need an invitation to buy it.

     In a previous post I had commented that, "unless they have a really low price or a special offer, I won't be jumping on this right away. I'm invested in ftDNA and 23andMe right now."  Well guess what? The price is really low! The new autosomal DNA test from Ancestry.com is only $99 for subscribers. Well sign me up!

     I'm (im)patiently waiting for my invitation...


Dedra Wolff said...

Val, it is only $99!

Adam said...

I got my invitation from Ancestry DNA last weekend and ordered my test kit on Monday. Received it today, and my specimen is already back in the mail. It was the kind where you spit in a tube, not a cheek swab. Hope it doesn't take too long for the results, although the web site said processing may take longer during the beta period.

Anonymous said...

It was $99 up until October 22nd when I got my invite, but now it's $199.


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