05 March 2012

Two Joes, Thanks to the USO

(Uncle) Joe Funston and Joe E. Brown

    The 1940 Census Community Project recently blogged about the USO and their role in World War II. Some of their activities involved celebrities boosting troop moral with performances. 

    My aunt has the original of this photo, which belonged to my Great-Uncle (by marriage on my paternal side), Joe Funston. Here he is posing with Joe E Brown, a popular comedian from that time.

    I'm not sure the date or exact location of the photo, except that it would have been after Nov 1941 when Joe Funston enlisted.

    And I believe that my Great-Aunt Ree (maternal side) mentioned that the women in her family volunteered with their local USO during the war. I'll have to ask her more questions about that.

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