14 January 2012

The ConnectMyDNA Kit

     On the 10th I ordered my ConnectMyDNA kit with a discounted coupon I bought through living social. Yesterday, the 13th, I received my kit in the mail. Here's what it looked like:

      The kit included two cheek swabs and an envelope to send them back in. I swabbed both cheeks and put the swabs into the envelope and had the kit back in the mailbox about 20 minutes after I originally retrieved it from the mailbox.  I was a bit concerned about my samples. They went into an envelope, not a plastic tube or anything. I noticed that the envelopes quickly became damp from the swabs - was my DNA soaking into the envelopes?

     It seems that once my samples are in the lab, it will only take a week for my test to be processed. This is very fast compared to 23andMe and ftDNA's 6-8 week wait (btw: it's been exactly one month since my two tests were received at those companies).  I'm curious about the results I'll get back from this test, which is not intended for genealogical use. But I do wonder if this test would be of interest to adoptees?

Update: My Results


CaT said...

hi! i found your blog through a google search on the living social dna-testkit.
i am just curious; are they seriously decoding your entire dna? i cannot believe it. are they looking at anything specific? will you, or someone with knowledge of this, be able to identify predisposition for certain genetic diseases, etc?
just wondering if theres anything about that in perhaps the manual you got with the kit as the living social did not give me that much info.
(i am a scientific researcher and just canot believe that they sell such kits...)

Unknown said...

These tests aren't decoding your entire DNA, but are focusing on different aspects of it to help with different aspects of genealogy research. This particular test compares your DNA with current populations around the world. Other tests at ftDNA.com and 23andMe.com test y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA to trace direct male lines, direct female lines, and find relatives back five generations respectively. The 23andMe test also tests parts of your DNA for medical purposes.

Kalei_808 said...

Hi, found you via website search. Did you receive your results? And if so, how did the results compare to the more expensive tests you had done?


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