07 February 2011

Pine Grove Church Register

     I discovered the following information at the Georgia Archive by random chance. I was looking for estate records and found the Pine Grove Methodist Episcopal Church Records on the same roll. According to The History of Lincoln County, Georgia, my ancestor, Thomas Albea, was a prominent member of this church and was at one time the superintendent of the Sunday School. This Sunday School is said to be the oldest continuing one in Georgia.

     My Great Great Great Grandfather, Thomas Albea, eventually left this church to help found Bethany Methodist just a few miles away in 1899. As you can see in these records, he received his certificate (of good standing) in 1898 when he left.

Church Register
of the

   Pine Grove   

Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

   Jan 1895   

Register of    Pine Grove    Members

       Name / Baptism / By Whom Recieved / Certificate

     William H Albea / 1861 / Goodman Hughes / ---
     Mahala V Albea / 1861 / Goodman Hughes / ---
     Thomas T Albea / 1861 / Goodman Hughes / Oct 1898
     Hattie L Albea / 1897 / Rev E G Dunnigan / Oct 1898
     George E Albea / 1897 / Rev E G Dunnigan / Aug 1898
     Nina Albea / 1897 / Rev E G Dunnigan / Oct 1898

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