09 December 2010

He Got it From the Catalogue

     About a week ago, Ancestry.com released their Sears Catalogue collection. This collection consists of mailers and catalogues from 1896-1993. Honestly, I haven't been too excited about this collection. It doesn't really offer any genealogical information and can't help me with my research. My initial thought upon seeing this collection announced was, 'I hope they didn't pass up another collection to add this!'

     After thinking about it a little more though, I can see that while this collection doesn't fall into the Genealogist category, it does fit into the Family Historian category. How many times have I heard my dad talk about ordering items out of this catalogue? He started working for his dad's sanitation company when he was 13. With his paychecks, he would order items from the Sears catalogue. So I had him describe some of the things he bought and I found them in this collection.

     The radio (1969):

     The camera (1968):

A Photo Taken with the Camera:
craft: greg - 4 jul 1971

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Jennifer said...

I've really enjoyed this collection! I haven't really used it for family history yet, but I love to browse through it.


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