03 May 2010

Family Finder Results Are In

     For the past few days I've been keeping an eye on my FamilyTreeDNA account. My Family Finder test results weren't due until May 17th, but others in my batch had started to receive results. And today I received mine. In this post, I'm going to post screenshots of what my results look like.

     While waiting for these results to come in, I've been keeping an eye on DNA-Forums. This is a great message board site filled with really knowledgeable folks who can help other less knowledgeable folks (me!).

     So, what about my results? Here's a screen shot of what I first saw (first names obscured for privacy reasons). I had five "close and immediate" matches. I was very happy with this, given how short a time period this test has been available. You can see the name of the tester, the projected relationship, a two different dna numbers, the ability to assign them a relationship, and their ancestral surnames (in bold if they match mine). If I change the pull down menu, I can see a variety of other more distant matches or sort the matches seen here. Not all of those options are working for me right now.

     Here's a view that I can use to compare Chromosome markers. I can view three matches at a time to compare. The colors on the chart match my test results. I did have to change the pull down menu to 1+ cM to see a more "colorful" chart than what the default view shows. When you hover over a marker, you see more information on that particular match.

     I'm still trying to figure of the science behind all of this. In my next post, I'll detail what actions I've started to take with my results.

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