27 August 2009

Roy's WWII Draft Card

Ancestry.com has been adding WWII "Old Man's" Draft Cards to their collection for a little while now. With most of my ancestors having lived in the south, I was disappointed to learn that I would not have access to their cards, as, according to ancestry.com "the original draft registration cards for the following states were destroyed several years ago and were never microfilmed before they were destroyed. Therefore, there will never be records for these states in this database." How sad!

But, the draft card that I was really interested in was my Grandfather's - and he didn't belong in the "Old Man" category, so, I had to go outside of ancestry.com anyway. I found this page, at the Selective Service System's website. It detailed how to apply for a copy of WWII draft cards, so I filled out the form and sent it off. For $15, the request was forwarded to the Southeast branch of the National Archives, where they searched for my Grandfather's draft card and classification. They didn't find the classification (which I really wanted! - why was he rejected?), but did find his draft card. Here it is:

Roy Albea Sr, WWII Draft Card

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