22 September 2008

My Great-Aunt Ollie

funston_ollie_joeMy Aunt Ollie was the adventurer in the family. Most of our family, having been born in Georgia and the Carolinas, stayed put. At most, they would move from one state to another - but never leaving the southeast. My Aunt Ollie was a different matter.

Ollie was my paternal grandmother's sister. She was born in 1924 in Swainsboro, GA. She married Joe Funston, from Philadelphia. He was in the army and traveled a great deal - taking Ollie with him. But she didn't just travel with him, she also worked - also something that the women in my family didn't do much (outside of the mill workers).

In April of 1952, Ollie graduated from the San Diego Vocational School, certified in Aircraft Construction and Assembly. From August '52 to September '54, Ollie worked for Convair as a riveter. Our family's very own Rosie the Riveter!

Ollie Britt Funston - Vocational School Ollie Britt Funston Job Description/Reference

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