12 June 2008

DNA test results are in!

Dad's DNA results are in! Sorta... the results for the first 12 markers are in (UPDATE: a half hour later I'd received results for 25 markers). According to the FamilyTreeDNA website, we'll receive five more sets of results from the 64 marker test we ordered. I love that they'll give me partial results while I wait for my full results.

Our 'Craft' line is part of the G2a Haplo group. According to Family Tree DNA, "G2a: The G lineage may have originated in India or Pakistan, and has dispersed into central Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. The G2a branch of this lineage (containing the P15 mutation) is found most often in the Europe and the Middle East."

I'm still looking around Family Tree DNA's website to find more information. But, I can already see that the 12 markers match four other folks, one of who's name is also Craft. It's all very exciting.

Marker G2a

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