14 April 2011

Taking The Test: 23andMe DNA

     Today I received the DNA test I ordered from 23andMe on Monday during their DNA Day sale. I purchased two DNA tests: one for my mom and one for myself.

    I knew that this testing process was going to be a little different from the FTDNA test that I previously took. For this test, you actually spit into a small funnel attached to a tube to collect a DNA sample. It was a somewhat strange experience and took me a few minutes to complete. Next you close the lid, which releases a liquid into the collected saliva. Then you shake it up and put it back in the box. I was happy to see that the return shipping box was pre-paid. I'll be going by the post office tomorrow to drop off the test. I'm looking forward to receiving these results and hope to find some new cousins.

     Also today, Family Tree DNA announced their DNA Day sale when they hit 10,000 likes on Facebook. I found this sale to be very disappointing (see their Facebook Page for details).  They are offering discounted prices on many of their tests, but the discount is less than I thought. The sale that they had for hitting 5,000 "likes" on facebook offered lower prices than this sale (it was 40% off certain tests). I'm very glad that I purchased the 23andMe test. Also, I'm a little concerned that the sale announcement seems to be listed only on Facebook. They might have an email planned for tomorrow, but right now you have to be involved in social networks to know about this sale. I hope they aren't going to start ignoring more traditional communication methods.

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