10 April 2011

DNA Day Sales - I'm Going A Little Crazy Right Now

    I previously posted about considering testing my autosomal DNA with 23andMe. I've done this with Family Tree DNA's Family Finder test already, but I'm always looking at new avenues of research. One person commented and suggested I wait until April 15th, which is National DNA Day, because the DNA testing companies offer sales. I decided that this was an awesome idea and have been waiting (impatiently) for said sales.

     During this time, I've actually made a new cousin match through my Family Finder test. I'd thought that it would actually benefit me more to have my mom take a FF test herself, that way I could divide my results between maternal lines (that match her) and paternal lines (those that don't).

     Family Tree DNA has announced on their Facebook page that if they reach 12,000 likes on April 15th they will have a "special promotion." Who knows what this could be. Their last sale was 40% off most of their tests (so FF would be $120). I'm also wondering if they can make 12,000 likes by then. There are only so many people interested in genealogical DNA testing who are on facebook.

     And now 32andMe has made my purchasing decisions a little more difficult. They announced today that they would be having a DNA Day sale tomorrow (read about it at the Your Genetic Genealogist Blog).  This sale would give a FREE test, requiring a $9 a month subscription for the next 12 months. Sounds great! But, I would want to test both my mom and myself. So $18 a month for the next 12 months. (I'm a little concerned about what happens to my info after 12 months if I don't renew?)

     It's really quite evil. This is a great deal, but they jumped the gun! I don't know if Family Tree DNA will have a sale as well. If they had one for Family Finder, I would only have to buy one test. But what if I pass up 23andMe's sale and FTDNA doesn't have a sale or it doesn't work for Family Finder?

     I don't think I'll be able to pass up a guarantee for an unknown likelihood.


Your Genetic Genealogist said...

Great thoughts! I don"t think 23andMe did this without considering the implications for the competition. They do have a great service however.

Liz said...

Thanks for the enable, Valerie! :) I just ordered kits from 23andme for my mom and me. We have been wanting to do this for awhile, and this great deal was too hard to pass up! I appreciate you sharing the info.

Unknown said...

Thanks CeCe for posting the original information. I'm very curious what FTDNA's response is going to be. Since the 23andMe test don't require an upfront price I just might get a FTDNA sale offer anyway

Liz, I'm happy to enable anyone in the name of genealogy. I got kits for my mom and myself and am constantly talking myself out of getting one for my dad as well :)


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