22 April 2011

My Most Wished For Genealogical Records

     A little less than a year from now the genealogical goldmine that is the 1940 census will be released. It will be online just as soon as it's available for the public. But there are so many records that aren't available online, records that require travel, money and long waits to acquire.

     This is a list of the top 5 record databases that I would love to see placed online and would help my genealogy research the most. (Note that most of my ancestors lived in Georgia and South Carolina for the past two hundred fifty years or more, so my wants are mostly limited to these states.)

  • USA Navy Records. There are so many Army records online - what about the other branches of the military?
  • South Carolina Marriage Records, 1600-1930s. Many GA Marriage records are already available through Ancestry and FamilySearch
  • SC & GA Divorce Records. If I can see the beginning of the marriage, I'd also like to see the end.
  • SC & GA wills, 1600-1930s. There are some SC wills online via the SC Archive, but I'd love to see more and also wills for GA.
  • SC & GA land records. All types: deeds, plats, homestead exemptions, mortgages, etc.

     For now, I'll have to send off for Family History Center Microfilms (that take about six weeks to arrive) or travel to libraries, archives and courthouses. 

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