08 April 2011

Craft Family in 1901

     While away on a genealogy day trip, I received an email about the very family I was looking for. Actually, the email was about the very grave I was looking for. I have some clues about the grave, but no exact location just yet. However, thanks to the email, I still came out good in the end.

     The woman who emailed me is a previously unknown second cousin, once removed. She has a private family tree online at ancestry.com. Included in her tree was the following photo (shown with permission). It show my Great-Great Grandparents, George Robert and Effie V (Powell) Craft and their four oldest children: Lillie Mae, Maurice Lamar, Bennie England and Claud Frank.  I love the house in the background, the hat in the yard and Effie's dress.

Bennie & Sally Ruth Evans Craft

    I can recognize my Great-Grandfather, Bennie, 
the little boy on the far left from this photo that my 
Aunt gave me. My mom also pointed out that 
Bennie does look a lot like my dad.


Mavis said...

You've been selected for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can pick it up at Georgia Black Crackers.

Magda said...

What a lucky find . That picture is an amazing treasure .


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