28 February 2011

William Albea's Mortgage - Amanuensis Monday

I had a very difficult time tracing my Albea family line. I knew for certain who my Great-Great Grandfather was (William Anderson Albea), but had no clue as to who his parents were. The 1880 census gave me three possibilities of the approximate age. Even once I had William's death certificate and I "knew" his parents were Thomas and Sarah Albea, I couldn't find any record of this family in census records. Eventually I was able to piece together a family, though I never found William and Thomas on any documents together. The following mortgage record, however, changes that. It is signed by both W. A. Albea and T. T. Albea. And although this is not proof of a relationship, it's still nice to see their names together.

$35 Georgia Lincoln County
Lincolnton Ga, May 15th 1899

On Oct 15th after date I promise to pay Jno M. Wright or aider Thrity five and 0/100 Dollars, value received, with interest from maturity at the rate of 8 per cent, per annual, and all costs and attorney's fees incurred in the collection of this debt, and to secure the payment of this note and said costs and attorney's fees, if any incurred in its collective. I herby create and give to said Jno M. Wright, his heirs and assigns, a full and completed mortgage lien on the following property, which is my property and is mine ??. To Wit: one Black & White spotted cow, name "Tena" 2 years old, also all my crop corn & cotton, now planted up and growing on my farm in Lincoln county, GA, under cultivation on ?? belonging to Mrs T. T. Albea, none of this crop is subject to rent except 2 acres, and further to secure this debt, I for my self and family expressly waive and ?? all right, claim or benefit of homestead or exemption of personatly whatever, as against this debt and all costs and attorney's fees incurred in its collections, in any property now owned or heareafter acquired by me. And I direct that all payments made by me to said payee or holder of this note, be applied first to any unsecured debt I may be due & said payee or holder of this note and the balance if any to the debt decured hereby. I agree to pay all costs and attorneys fees incurred in the enforcement of this mortgage costs and fees living made a ?? of the laws and collectible ?? it of this debit is not paid at maturity. I authorize said payees or holder of this note to take possession of said property of said property, by himself or agent and after advertizinging the same, if p??, for two days.. and if realty for twenty eight days, in the papers in which sheriff's sale of said county are advertised, to sell the same at public auction to the highest bidder, make Title? and deliver possessions to the ?? ?? and from proceeds pay himself and all costs and attorney's fees incurred by him and pay ones surplus if any to the person entitled to the same.

Witness my hand and seal This 15th day of May 1899.
Signed sealed and delivered in presence of J W Carttedge CSC LC

W. A. Albea (seal)
T. T. Albea (seal)

Recorded May 29th 1899
J W Carttedge CSC LC



S. Lincecum said...

Maybe not proof of the relationship, but still a nice "research validated" find. :-)

*GeorgiaTim said...

Congratulations on this find. I've just started researching deeds & mortgages for two of my lines, with the same hope of finding relationships that aren't otherwise documented. This gives me hope for a successful outcome!


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