18 February 2011

1910 Census "Improvements"

    According to Ancestry.com, their "1910 U.S. Census is looking better than ever," thanks in part to "clearer, crisper images." Reading this, I browsed through images for my ancestors to see if the images really were improved. I came up with mixed results.

The Good:

The Not-So-Good:

     So I see my Hyler family image is much improved and easier to read. I'll be replacing the old image with the new one. However the second image, of the Smith family, has gone down in quality. The new image is grainy, lighter and, in my opinion, harder to read.  I will not be saving this new image.

     Although it's nice that Ancestry.com is trying to improve their images, they have actually decreased the quality of some. Isn't there anyone reviewing these "improvements" to make sure that the end result is an actual improvement over the original?

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