11 February 2011

Help with a Deed?

     I recently visited the Georgia Archive and found a deed for my ancestor, Tilman Albea. This is the first deed that I've dealt with and I'm a little very confused by the legal language. Maybe someone can help me understand it?  First, here's the deed:

Tilman Albea Deed

I've transcribed it the best I can here. If anyone can fill in or adjust this, please do!

Lincoln County

This Indenture made this the 11th day of June in the year Eighteen hundred and sixty six, between Tilman Albea of the County and State aforesaid of the first part, & John L Wilkes of the same place of the other part. Witness thou That the said Tilman Albea for and in consideration of the sum of five dollars to him in hand paid by the said John L as well as for the securing this payment of note herein after ?? has granted, sold, alined, and conveyed, and by these presents doth grant, sell, alien, and convey it onto the said John L Wilkes, his heirs and assigned a certain tract of Land in said County known as the Tillery Place adjoining lands of E F Lyon, William Albea and Daniel Clary containing one hundred ten and a half acres more or ??? and one Bay Mare Colt. To have and to hold to said lot of Land & said livestock, to the said John L Wilkes his heirs and assigns in fee ??. And the said Tilman Albea, wife & his heirs Executors and administrators shall the above pre?? press?? & other property unto the said John L Wilkes his heirs, Executors and administers & assigns, forever so warrant and defend? by virtue of these present, Provided ?? that if the said Tilman has heirs executors or ?? shall pay unto the said John B Wilkes his executors, administrators and assigns the ?? of a certain promesory note made by the said Tilman Albea, payable to the said John B. Wilkes or bearer hearing date the 1st day of October 1861 and due one day after date together with all legal interest that ?? the deed on the same and ?? that may be incr? by the said John L in collecting the same. Then as well this deed as the said promissory described? to be uterly paid otherwise to ?? of for?

For witness the said Tilman albea, has hereunto laid his hand and seel the day and year above written.

In presence of
C N Sowther
Alexander Johntson Clerk

Tilman X Albea
his mark

$218.00 One day after date I promised to pay J L Wilkes or Bearer the just sum of Two Hundred and Eighteen Dollars for Value, This the 1st day of October 1861

Tilman X Albea
his mark

Next, I found this article in a newspaper. It's dated 11 Nov 1873, but is clearly the same piece of land.


So, if anyone can help me figure out what's going on here, I would really appreciate it.

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Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

You did great for your first time! I'll be glad to help you. In the meantime, the terms on this web site should help you. Legal Terms


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