03 April 2010

Surname Saturday - Waters

The Waters family is one of my "1881 Brick Walls." By this I mean that this is one of many of the families in my tree that I have trouble researching because my ancestor was born in 1881 and had left home by the 1900 census. In the case of this family, I can't even find my ancestor, Leverett Waters, in 1900 - though I have found his mother and step-father.

I've done a great deal of research on Leverett, which I won't go into again since I wrote about it here. I've also done research on his mother (here and here), but cannot find his father, whom I have multiple names for.

So, I decided to see about getting help researching this family. I posted my problem family on Ancestry.com's expert connect and was able to hire a professional genealogist to help me. She's going to evaluate my research and then build off of it. To start with, I've purchased two hours of research and can add more if things look promising. She'll be doing the research today and I should hear back from her in about a week.

Hopefully soon, this family won't be a brick wall - or at least this generation won't be!

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