09 April 2010

Ancestor Approved

     I was recently awarded the Ancestor Approved award from fellow genealogy bloggers, Mavis Jones of Georgia Black Crackers and TCasteel of Tangled Trees. Thanks to both of these bloggers for the award!  As part of receiving this award, I'm supposed to list 10 things that have surprised, humbled or enlightened me.  Here's my list:

  1. My maternal Grandmother never knew who her father's family was. Being able to tell her the names of those grandparents was very humbling.  
  2. But she knew absolutely everything about her mother's family - and had the documentation to prove it!
  3. My direct ancestor, Willis Craft, served in the GA state House of Representatives.
  4. I was very surprised at the musical ability of the maternal side of my family - and that their instruments are still around and in the possession of my "cousins."
  5. Despite having been told that our family is Irish, German, English, etc, I can show all branches of my family were living in the US during the US Civil War and for many years prior. To me, that makes my family American.
  6. It's both surprising, nice and frustrating that all of those families lived in GA, SC and FL throughout the generations and for their entire lives.
  7. I have a "Rosie the Riveter" Aunt in my family tree.
  8. My paternal Grandparents were survivors: Pawpaw survived WWII and together they survived both a tornado and a fire destroying their homes. 
  9. The number of children that a single man could have is huge, especially when he had multiple wives. I'm looking at you and your 19 (proven) children Reuben Boatright!
  10. There is a wonderful online community of genealogist just waiting to help anyone - you just have to ask!

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