05 March 2010

Historic Preservation License Plate

     Yesterday I paid my "birthday" tax to renewed my license plate. At the same time, I was able to support historic preservation in Georgia.  I selected the new(ish) Historic Preservation license plate for my car.  By selecting this plate, I donated $22 to the Dept. of Natural Resources.  This money will be used by the Historic Preservation Division to help fund historic preservation programs in the Georgia. The money from the HPD has been distributed for these great projects (PDF).

     I'm very glad to live in a state that understands the importance of historic preservation. The GA Archive is always adding new digitized historic documents to their website, and I read that the state had recently teemed up with Ancestry.com to digitize a slew of state records. Yay! If the state is doing all that, I really feel that I can give a little extra and help out too.

1 comment:

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

How cool that you can contribute to such a great cause and "advertise" the same everywhere you go.


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