20 March 2010

Surname Saturday - Britt

My Britt family line is an interesting one. I can trace it back to William Britt, who was born on 1 Jul 1818 in Edgefield, SC (though some records indicate a birth as late as 1825). William was my 2x Great Grandfather. When compared to my other ancestors, his age places him in the same generation as many of my 5x Great Grandparents. William was 82 years old when he fathered his youngest child, my Great-Grandfather, Nathan Britt (a little suspicious, but not impossible). William was on his third wife at the time, the 44 year-old Amelia Parrish (who I believe was William's son's wife's sister).

William was, I believe, born in Edgefield County, SC. He appears on the 1850 and 1860 census records in Edgefield County. In 1870 he had trekked into GA and was living in the Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County area. By 1880, he had moved a little further south, to Newton County, GA. In 1900, he was living in Emanuel County, GA. There is no record of his death.

William had three wives and nine known children. His marriages and children were:
  • Sometime before 1849 William married Sarah, born abt 1824 in SC. Sarah died in SC sometime before 1867. Their children were Levi Britt (1849-?) and Larkin Britt (1851-1936).
  • Before 1867, William married his second wife Edie Dye. She was born abt 1839 in SC and died before 1885. William and Edie had one known child, William Britt (1867-?).
  • About 1885, when William was 66, he married Amelia Rye Parish. She was born in 1857 in Edgefield, SC. Their children were John Wesley Britt (1886-1892), Rosa Britt (1889-1963), James Britt (1892-1892), George W Britt (1894-1968), Emma Britt (1900-1952) and Nathan Britt (1901-1965).
craft boys and grandfather Nathan Britt
William's youngest son, Nathan was my Great-Grandfather, born on 9 March 1901. He married Ledora Barfield in Emanuel County, GA in 1922. Their daughter, Sarah Frances Britt, was my grandmother. She was born on 7 Dec 1925 and married Thomas S Craft of Elbert County, Georgia. To the right is a photo of Nathan with four of Sarah's sons (yes four - you can see another little boy just behind and to the right of Nathan's legs).


Joan said...

Valerie, you are right -- your Britt line is an interesting one. Looking forward to hearing more about your Britts.

外太空 said...
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Anonymous said...

I was looking up my husband's ancestor's and came across your blog. Larkin Britt was his great grandfather. Do you have anymore information on him.


Kathy Jernigan said...

William Britt was my great grandfather. His daughter Rosa married Damascus Hayes and their son Ander was my dad's mother. I have allowws the search for William Britt become an obsession for me. My grandmother (Rosa Britt Hayes) had an old family Bible that I have personally seen. The Bible stated that William Britt was born July 1, 1818 in Edgefield,SC. He had two children Levi and Larkin. Levi was born 5/22/1849 & Larkin was born 4/17/1851.
Amelia (Permelia was her given name) was the daughter of Armistead Parrish and she was 40 years younger that him. Larkin Britt was married to Permelia's sister, Missouri.
William married Sarah sometime before 1849. Sh was apparently dead by the time he left SC and moved to Georgia.
William Britt married Edie Dye on Dec 7, 1879 in Newton County, Georgia. I have seen a copy of their marriage license. The William in Gwinnett on the 1870 is not our William Britt. The age is off and he did not marry Edie until 1879.

Here is my time line as supported by actual documents.

1850 Edgefield, SC with Sarah and family
1860 Edgefield, SC with Sarah and family.
1870 Whereabouts unknown (but was not in Gwinnett County)
1879 in Newton where he married Edie Dye.
1880 Newton County with wide Edie
1890 in Emanuel County (Tax records)
1893 Emanuel County (Homesteading 80 acres)
1900 Emanuel County with wife Permelia (Parrish) and children
1902 Emanuel County Tax records.

Family legend has always been that Granddaddy britt lived to a ripe old age of 104..however, I have never been able to prove this. I only know that by 1910, his wife and minor children were living with my grandparents in Emanuel County. (Damascus and Rosa Britt Hayes


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