25 March 2010

Family Finder DNA Test

Just yesterday, I logged onto FamilyTreeDNA to show my sister the information on their upcoming Family Finder DNA Test. Previously, I had purchased a 64 marker Y-DNA test for my dad and a mtDNA test for myself (at this point, we haven't gained much from the tests, though I still feel that I got what I paid for). Today, I opened up my email to find an invitation to purchase the Family Finder test.

The email from FamilyTreeDNA says that my kit has been selected "for phased rollout of our newest test: the Family Finder. During this limited release, and until the general release, you will be able to order the Family Finder test from your personal page at the introductory price of $249." I have until March 28th at midnight to decide. Three days! To decide if I want to spend $249!

It's so tempting, but very expensive. It seems that the price might go up after this time period - but how much? And will the test be available directly after these three days, or will there be another waiting period. I'm confused on that aspect of the email. Regardless, it looks like this is the test that genealogists have been looking for. The test is purported to make matches on aunts, uncles, and cousins off of the direct maternal and paternal lines.

I'm very excited about the test and the offer. But $249! I'm sure that are other who got this email. Any opinions?


Joan said...

Valerie, No answers, but the same questions? I ignored it, but hope you get some good answers. Thanks for posting this question.

Sarah Farr said...

It seems like a lot of money. I bet the price will go up right after the introductory rate expires. However, if you wait a year or two the price will probably go down. Also, the results depend on other people taking it, correct? So, you probably wouldn't see many results at first either because it is so expensive. That's just my guess though, I don't know much about this stuff.

Mavis said...

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