10 March 2010

The Census Is Coming

2010 Census Advance Letter
Today we received our 2010 Census "advance letter." According to the official Census Blog, these letters began going out back on February 17th to the update/leave households. The metro Atlanta area will be doing the standard mail back census forms. The letter indicates we'll receive our census a week from now.

My aunt lives on the GA coast in an update/leave area. She has a job with the census and will be going door to door to leave the census forms. I'll have to ask her how that's going.


Sarah Farr said...

We got this letter today. I thought it was the actual census at first, and was really excited. But, it is good to know when we will get ours, because we keep seeing commercials and weren't sure when to expect it.

This will be the first time I will be listed at my own home. I want to put my name first, instead of Ryan's :)

Valerie C. said...

We're putting mom's name first!

JamaGenie said...

I just hope people don't toss the actual form. A hundred years from now, it may be the only way our descendants will know where we were in 2010! (:


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