18 May 2009

Weddings - Not Just About the Bride and Groom

In 1980 my cousin Carol got married. I wouldn't be born for another four years, so I don't feel much of a connection to the event. But, the wedding did create some lasting memories: photos and information about the family and friends who attended.

First is a photo of my paternal Grandparents, Thomas and Sarah (Britt) Craft, posing with the bride. There aren't an extreme amount of photographs with them together, so it's great to have this photo.


Next, a photo of my grandparent's children. As would be expected with seven children, it can be hard to get them all in one place for a photo to be taken. The last one had been taken during the early 1970s and the next one wouldn't be until 1995. In this shot, you can see that '70s fashions haven't died yet.

They are (left to right): Wayne (1947-2008), Kenny (1955), Gary (1952-1995), Greg (1952), John (1962), Charlotte (1941) and June (1943, mother of the bride).

Craft Siblings

I also have a newspaper clipping of the event:

From this clipping, I learned a lot about the date and place, as well as members of the family and friends: Parents of the bride and groom, names of siblings and close friends. Also, they were married in a church - this might be a place to look for further family records.

So, even though I wasn't there, I have these photos and records to provide great information about the event. And it's not just about the Bride and Groom - it's about everyone who was there.

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Tina said...

Great photos! I remember the hair and clothes of the early 80's. I was in high school then. You're right about the wedding not being just about the bride and groom. It's definitely a family event.


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