16 May 2009

Death Certificates Have Arrived

I sent off for three GA death certificates on April 9th and they have arrived! Yay! These death certs represent a direct line in my genealogy research: Father, Daughter and Grand-Daughter. They don't provide any new information, so much as act as proof of previously discovered information. This is also the line that I plan to apply for the DAR with.

One thing I did hope to discover: cause of death. But I was thwarted! The CODs have been blanked out. What gives? I've never had this happen before. I checked out the GA Vital Records website and it doesn't say anything out not releasing COD information. I think I'm going to contact them to find out the policy on this. I really was curious to learn why my Great-Grandmother died at age 37.

Here are the death certs (click for larger):

Stephen T. Boatright, my Great-Great-Great Grandfather
Stephen T. Boatright

Susan Frances Boatright Barfield, my Great-Great Grandmother
S. Frances Boatright Barfield

Sallie LeDora Barfield Britt, my Great Grandmother
Ledora Barfield Bratt

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