19 May 2009

Notes from Ancestry.com Military Webinar

Some notes from the 19 May Military Webinar on Ancestry.com. These are the things that caught my attention about new additions coming soon:
  • My sound didn't work the first 15 minutes. It was something wrong on the part of my computer, I think. I restarted the webinar three times and the sound came in.
  • Civil War records
  • - Promised "exciting" collection for the Civil War Anniversary (I missed the date) and they said we "won't be disappointed."
    - Are working especially hard on Confederate records from a "huge variety of sources."
  • WWI records
  • - They recognize there are issues with draft cards, including missing and unreadable cards. They are looking into fixing the issues and its just a matter of "ongoing prioritization."
  • WWII records
  • - Again, they recognize issues, which they believe they "should fix fairly quickly."
    - "Young men's" draft cards are slowly becoming available, and they will add them as they can
    - Will be "hopefully" adding Illinois draft cards this week
  • US Navy Cruise Books
  • - Have a small collection now, but will have a "nice steady flow" added "hopefully at the end of this year."

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